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Online Coaching with Rachel Wilkins

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for 1:1 Coaching

Do you struggle with the burden of digestive distress, weight gain/inability to loose or maintain lost weight, food sensitivities, bloating, gas, or abdominal cramping and pain? But no medication or supplements, special diets, or doctors have been able to help you find relief? 



1:1 personalized coaching

is just what you need. 

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Meet Coach Allison

Certified Health Coach, Gut & Nutrition Expert

Hello and welcome! I’m Allison and I’m so glad you’re here. 


Since you found yourself on my site, I’m guessing that you’ve been dealing with stomach issues for longer than you’ve liked. Possibly cramping, gas, sharp pains, food sensitivities, fatigue, unwanted or unexplained weight gain, and/or inability to lose weight? Oh, and the bloat that’s so bad it looks like you’re 9 months pregnant? 


Well, you found yourself in the right place. I too have felt the way you do; sick all the time, afraid of food, hopeless, stuck, discredited by doctors, even crazy because I was always told “it’s all in your head”. I even felt inadequate because all my efforts to eat right and exercise weren’t paying off. I still felt terrible in my clothes and my body. 


I tried countless elimination diets. I was poked and prodded during numerous invasive procedures. My weight would go up, then down, then up again. Not only that, but my anxiety was through the roof while my confidence was nowhere to be found. Nothing ever worked for me. 


However, I never gave up on myself. I never gave up on trying to figure it out. 


And then I finally found the answer. The real answer as to WHY I was feeling so crummy and the solution to finally feeling better. And now I’m here to share that with you.


I have taken all my experience, failures and successes and created a program designed to help YOU move from surviving to thriving.


You deserve to live your life free from the burden of daily pain and discomfort. You deserve to feel your best. 


You deserve to live a life of confidence, to feel great in any outfit, to be freed from the overbearing thoughts of how your body feels and looks. Your body shouldn’t be a burden but a part of you that you’re proud of. 


Well, I'm here to help you experience just that. So let’s do it! If this resonates with you, I invite you to follow me on instagram @allisonanncoaching and if you feel like you want support right now then feel free to book a quick 30 minute consult call where we can officially connect.

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What You Will Gain

Healing Your








Effective Fitness


I was unhealthy to the point of throwing up every day. I had been to doctors many times without any solutions. I was extremely anxious and overweight. After working with Allison I have regained my confidence, lost 45 pounds, and I no longer feel sick to my stomach! I highly recommend Allison! She is knowledgeable, easy to talk to, understanding, and an amazing coach!

~ Bri

Having Allison there kept me motivated with reminders daily of what I was striving for. I used to get tired just thinking about preparing food that checked all the boxes of being healthy for me. The program sort of forced me to get over it, by pushing myself to make healthy foods because I didn’t have another option. Now I’m confident in cooking and preparing meals I can eat.


I learned so much in such a short period of time. I have gained so much more confidence and I feel so much better about myself inside and out. I know how to make empowered food choices and it has changed the way I eat. I changed my health for my daughters and I'm proud to set a healthy example for them as they grow.

~ Jess

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