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Tips to Win the Bloating Battle

Here I will give you new techniques to help kick the bloat fast.

“If you are bloating, then I guarantee you are constipated.”

Win the Bloating Battle

CHEW YOUR FOOD WITH INTENTION: There are many reasons you're bloating after you eat. One main reason is that you are constipated. Now before you quit reading because you poop everyday, hear me out. You can poop everyday and still be constipated. If you are bloating, then I guarantee you are constipated. The majority of Americas are walking around with compacted stool in their large bowel. So what can help! Chew your food with intention.

The digestive process starts with your eyes seeing the food. You start to salivate, you enter the food into your mouth, you salivate more, you chew however many times, and then swallow. If you're NOT chewing enough, you're not helping your body to digest the food. You are leaving it up to your stomach to break down your food when you should be helping your stomach by jump starting that process in your mouth first. The food then enters your small intestine (and if you have SIBO, you are feeding and agitating that bacteria that shouldn't even be there in the first place) and then next to your large intestines. If you have unbroken down food in your large intestine, that will create stool back up, bloat, and then discomfort.

So help your gut out and chew your foot with more intention and just watch the difference this little step makes for you.

Stay well my friends,

xo Coach Allison

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