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How to Stay on Track While Traveling

Here I will give easy strategies to take with you while traveling in order to keep you on track towards your goals.

“Being challenged is inevitable. Being defeated is optional. Anything is possible if you work on building healthy habits.”

How to Stay on Track While Traveling

AVOID SNACKING: I'm referring to on the plane. Packing your snacks may seem like s wise choice, which is it wiser than getting airport food or accepting the snacks on the airplane, but its still not going to make you feel good. I used to pack my snacks and felt so good and empowered by it! But I was still always so sick when traveling. Once I stopped eating on the airplane and prior to my fight, I felt so much better! Eating while up in an airplane can cause gas release especially when eating foods with higher sugar content, including fruits. This leads to excessive bloating, gas pains, and overall discomfort. If you do eat, make sure its a couple hours before you take off to give your food time to digest and pass through. Feel free to snack on healthy fruits and veggies while off the plane once you arrive to your destination, though! Fruits are an easy and tasty snack to take wherever you go!

Stay well my friends,

xo Coach Allison

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