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How to Fight Misleading Labelling

Here I'll give you new strategies to help you fight misleading food labels in order to make healthier and smart grocery store purchases

“Take the power into your own hands and stop relying on the marketing companies to help you make healthy decisions.”

How to Fight Misleading Labeling

READ THE FOOD LABEL: The marketing companies are trying to distract you from actually reading the food label and ingredients list. What you need to do is take the power into your own hands and stop relying on the marking companies to help you make healthy decisions. They don't care about your health. They care about making money. Thats the point for most products! Sad? Yes. Truth? YES!

Common misleading labels:

  1. "Keto"

  2. "Sugar free"

  3. "Gluten free"

  4. "Low Sodium"

  5. "Grain free"

  6. "# g protein"

  7. "# g fiber"

  8. "0g sugar"

  9. "Paleo"

  10. "Lowers cholesterol"

  11. "Non GMO"

These are always on the front of the product distracting you from reading the actual ingredients and nutrition facts. An example of this is a product I came across at Whole Foods last week. I saw a bag of a "Grain Free" Cinnamon Toast Crunch type cereal, called Catalina Crunch. I loooove Cinnamon Toast Crunch so I was excited to see this! It said KETO in big bold letters (telling me its gluten free, obviously), 0 grams sugar, 11 grams protein, 9 grams fiber, and "gluten and grain free". So my brain immediately told me, "Cool! I can have this and this will be an awesome sweet food to have every once in a while." Well I know better and looked at the back of the bag to read the actual ingredients.

Here is what it said...

"Catalina Flour (pea protein, protein fiber, non-GMO corn fiber, chicory root fiber, guar gum), tapioca flour, high oleic sunflower oil, baking powder, natural flavors, sea salt, calcium carbonate, stevia extract, monk fruit).

The nutrition facts said "Total Sugars 0g; Includes 0g Added Sugar"

Now think about this... is there anything in that ingredients list that goes against what the front of the package said? Is there anything in the ingredients list that contradicts what the nutrition facts claim? The answer is YES! Corn is a grain! it says grain free. Whether they take the grain out or not, they're still using corn (a grain) to make this product. Anyone with a corn allergy or sensitivity would be affected by corn fiber. Stevia is a sugar. It says it contains 0g added sugar.

I don't know about you, but this frustrates me! Overall, read your ingredients list. Know what is in your food and make sure it matches what it says on the nutrition facts. Just because it says 0g sugar on the nutrition facts, doesn't mean it doesn't have sugar in there. Remember, they only have to claim it on the nutrition facts if it reaches above a certain threshold of measure.

You can get around needing to read nutrition labels and facts if you shop whole food items, too.

Stay well and empowered my friends.

Stay well my friends,

xo Coach Allison

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