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Switching to Mindful Eating

Here I give steps you can take in order to help you create a more mindful eating practice.

“You have the power to choose which thoughts stay and which thoughts you dismiss. You get to choose your reality.”

Switching to Mindful Eating

I'm going to give you simple steps to take and consider when eating. Follow all or some of these steps in order to develop a more mindful eating practice. Eating can be meditative. Allow it to be. This can help with digestion and eliminate bloating as well!

  1. Thank God (or the universe) for your food

  2. Consider the hands that planted the seed, that watered the ground, that plucked the plant. that shipped the plant, that packaged the plant, that sold the plant. So many hands and so much love went into getting that food in front of you. Be thankful.

  3. Look at your food. Spend time seeing it before you eat it. Smell it too.

  4. Take small bites. Taste your food. Enjoy what it tastes like and appreciate the pleasure of that blessing.

  5. Chew your food and help your body with the digestive process. Digestion starts in the mouth. Love your body and help it be able to use the nutrients in your food.

  6. Thank your body for its ability to take in the nutrients of the food.

  7. Thank your food for providing you nutrients.

  8. Eat while sitting down. Take the time to enjoy the food and be focused on eating rather than allowing yourself distractions.

Stay well my friends,

xo Coach Allison

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